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With 20+ years of in the industry, Clever Combination has been consistently delivering high-quality, professional web services to customers of all sizes.
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Affordable Shared Hosting Plans

From personal portfolios to high traffic eCommerce.

Secure, Reliable

In this modern, digital age, a business’s homepage is often the first place customers will interact with your company.  Unfortunately, this is also true for cyber “black hats”, and an unsecured website can often give these bad actors leads into compromising your business’s internal network.

By following security best practices based on international standards, Clever Combination provides a wide range of security and monitoring services to help keep your hosting secure.

Requirements Based

At Clever Combination we pride ourselves on being able to cater our offering to the specific business cases of our customers, and endeavor to provide the best value hosting experience possible.  To this end, we are partnered with a handpicked selection of Australian data center service providers who’s services we leverage to support any and all customer requirements. From a basic WordPress homepage on shared hosting, high-traffic e-Commerce shopfronts, to private cloud hosting for your SaaS application, we have you covered.

If you need more than a standard shared hosting setup and have specific requirements, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to have a chat about solutions for your use-case.

Robust Inclusions

Along with the provisioned resources listed under each plan, we’re also able to offer a number of high value included extras such as:

  • cPanel Management
  • Hourly Acronis Backups
  • AutoSSL SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MariaDB Databases
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Entry


    Suitable for a personal blog or small business static website.

    • 2GB SSD Storage
    • 2GB RAM
    • 100% CPU
  • Starter


    Suitable for a simple WordPress site with many images and videos.

    • 5GB SSD Storage
    • 2GB RAM
    • 200% CPU
  • Standard


    For eCommerce storefronts expecting reasonable traffic.

    • 10GB SSD Storage
    • 4GB RAM
    • 200% CPU
  • Advanced


    Suitable for eCommerce sites with lots of images and higher traffic.

    • 15GB SSD Storage
    • 6GB RAM
    • 300% CPU
  • Pro


    Appropriate for a high traffic, multi-site setup with multiple users.

    • 25GB SSD Storage
    • 8GB RAM
    • 400% CPU

The Clever Combination Advantage

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Our hosting plans operate out of Tier III and IV data centres and as a result are backed by multiple levels of redundancy for power, networking and data.

A "Secure by Default" Mentality

With increasingly strict security regulations (GDPR, OAIC) and larger fines for contravention, how you manage and secure your customers data can potentially leave you open to business shattering fines and loss of customer trust.  At Clever Combination, we champion the “secure by default” ideology and strive to provide the most secure and reliable systems possible.

Open Source Solutions

We’re big proponents of GNU/Linux and open-source software in general.  It is our strong belief that community driven development leads to better quality software and more robust yet flexible systems.

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